Friday, November 09, 2007

MODFLOW2005 V1.4

MODFLOW2005 Version 1.4 was released on November 2nd. Groundwater Vistas Version 5.09 Build 6 has this new version. Not much really changed but here is what changed:

- Adaptive damping added to the GMG solver (Note that this was added to MODFLOW2000 in Version 1.17.00)
- A new package called SUB-WT (aquifer subsidence in water table aquifers) was added. Groundwater Vistas supports the SUB and IBS compaction packages but not this new one yet.
- A couple of minor fixes in the LAK3 Package

There is still a bug in MODFLOW2005 in the UZF (Unsaturated Zone Flow) Package where the ET rates are not properly exported to the cell-by-cell flow file. Dave Prudic told me that this is fixed but it has not been released yet.


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