Monday, November 12, 2007

GV 5.09 Build 7

We found a bug where the CHD Package was not written correctly in the last stress period if you did not define an extra head for the very last time step (NPER+1) and you did not check the option to make CHD heads constant within each stress period. Because CHD linearly interpolates heads from the beginning of a stress period to the end, you need one extra head value. Anyway, we changed it so that if you do not had that extra head value, then the heads in the last stress period will not be linearly interpolated.

Also, GV does error checking on pilot point location for PEST. Pilot points of the same type cannot be at exactly the same location. GV was not distinguishing between pilot point types though (Kx, Kz, Storage) so if you did have Kx and Kz at the same location then there would be an error in the PEST error/warning file. This did not effect the run.

We discovered that MODFLOW2005 does NOT support the DDREFERENCE option in the output control file (word format only) like MODFLOW2000 does. This is a very handy feature that allows drawdowns after this flag to be computed based on the results of the time step where the flag is entered. We have asked the USGS to add that flag to MODFLOW2005.


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