Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Email in Groundwater Vistas

I just added email notifications in Groundwater Vistas Version 6.08 Build 2.  You can set it up so you receive email notifications when a MODFLOW, MODPATH, or MT3D run finishes.  The latter also works for the automated sensitivity analysis.  You can configure it to send periodic update emails during a Pest or BeoPest run.  The latter provides a summary of objective function components at each iteration.  It sends a special email when the run is finished.

To use this feature, you first select Model|Notes|Email setup.  The first time you start using emails in GV, be sure to click the button at the top of the dialog to configure your email account.  You may need help from your IT staff to do this depending on the complexity of your email system.  Then activate the model run and pest run options on this dialog.  The pest run has an added setting which is the frequency (in minutes) that GV checks the Pest output file.

We will likely have more related options in the coming weeks.


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