Thursday, December 13, 2012

New iOS App

We have created a new app, called GWModel, for the Apple AppStore that allows you to display your groundwater model grid on iPhone/iPad/iPod.  The GWModel app displays a groundwater model grid on a map, satellite, or hybrid view. The model grids are exported from Groundwater Vistas to a special file that is uploaded to the mobile device via web site, email, dropbox, etc. On a GPS enabled device (e.g. iPhone), the user can see his/her current position in relation to the model grid. The app displays the row and column location of the user's location and highlights the relevant cell. The GWModel app can store multiple model grids. Notes and pictures can also be recorded on the mobile device for any model grid cell. The notes and pictures can be reviewed later.  In the next release, an email report can be sent from the device.

If you want to get this app, just search the App Store using the keyword "groundwater".  There are only about 5 groundwater apps in there.  To get a model grid onto your device, you first go into Groundwater Vistas and select Edit/GIS Options.  You must associate a shapefile projection file (*.prj) with your model.  This is used by Groundwater Vistas to convert your cell coordinates to latitude and longitude.  Then export a file using Files/Conversions/Model App.  Finally, you can email the file to your device, upload to a web site that you can access, or use dropbox (I use dropbox). 

I will be writing some additional documentation and putting that on our web site.  Go to and click on the "Mobile Apps" button.


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