Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GV 5.09 Build 9 through 11

Sorry, got behind over Thanksgiving...

Here are a few minor changes for Version 5.09 Build 9 through 11:

- When using Pest with the BCF Package and estimating K in zones for confined layers, there was a problem if not all zones were being estimated. T values were written in that case for the non-estimated zones.

- The ETS Package was not being imported if it showed up in a MODFLOW2000 name file.

- When importing a MODFLOW2000 model with the Well Package that used parameters to define wells, there was a problem if the order of parameter names was not the same as the way they were defined in the start of the file.

- Polygon shapefiles were being recognized by ArcGIS as having errors. Other GIS software did not have a problem. Turns out the vertices were being written counter-clockwise instead of clockwise.


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