Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy New Year - Latest in Groundwater Vistas

My New Year's resolution is to keep up with this blog in 2010!

Here are the new features added to Groundwater Vistas since 5.33 Build 25 (current version is 5.39 build 16):

- GV now ignores zero conductance boundary conditions on import.
- We have a new Color Flood Setup on the plot menu to change color ramp
- The monitoring well hydrograph has a new option to plot both head and drawdown
- Stream width has been added as a transient parameter on the shapefile import
- Pilot point calibration with Pest has a new "zone-based" kriging option
(this allows you to have the same K values in each zone regardless of which layer
they are in)
- If you specific negative concentrations in an injection well (BC wells only), GV interprets this to be a mass flux boundary condition in MT3D
- Under Plot|Calibration|Options, there is a multiplier for concentration targets.
(this allows you to simulate concentration in one set of units but have target
concentrations in another set of units)
- There is a target time shift option (AE|Modify|Targets|Time Shift)
- Targpest is now much more efficient in dealing with transient flux targets
- There are now recharge multipliers for each stress period (Props|Property Values|Recharge Multipliers)
- These recharge multipliers are also Pest parameters
- Particle ID values are now exported in shapefile attribute database
- Lakes can now be imported from polygon shapefiles
- Added anisotropy zone as an estimable parameter in Pest using LPF/MF2K
- If the working directory is not found, GV tries all possible drive letters before reporting it cannot find the directory
- Added support for importing models created by ARANZ Hydro (3D viewer)

And here are those pesky bugs we fixed:

- Problem importing results from a SURFACT run with multiple components and dual-domain transport
- GHB cells gave an error when using update TMR function.
- Errors occurred when using pilot points with SURFACT in confined layers when using the variably-saturated option.
- GV was not properly writing THTI values in UZF Package of MODFLOW2005
- BMP logo in page setup for cross-section printing not working.
- GV was not writing concentrations to FWL5 files for MODFLOW-Surfact
- CHD file import was not working for the case of multiple CHDs in the same cell.
- Problems with reverse particle tracking with MODFLOW-Surfact and ATO Package.
- Surfact RSF concentrations were not output for the case when all recharge values are constant
- Error messages occurred when converting recharge from matrix format to zone format
- Posting of residuals in MODFLOW88/96 simulations with multiple steadystate stress periods did not work properly
- Pest regularization problems when using new zone-based kriging.
- GV was not importing mass balance data for Reservoir Package.
- Error message occurred when the simulated target hydrograph starting with time = 0


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