Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Latest Modifications to Groundwater Vistas (5.33 Build 24)

Well, after a long break from updating this blog, here are the latest changes to Groundwater Vistas. The current version is 5.33 Build 24.

- Many changes to Focus TMR operations for SWFWMD's DWRM2 model
- The batch hydrograph function was activated (see plot/hydrograph/batch processing)
- Added 2 new residual posting options (average error and amplitude ratio) for transient targets
- Added RCL (row, column, layer) import for matrix properties (see props/import/rcl)
- Added support for combining MT3D UCN files for Plot/File Operations/Combine Binary files

- We added transient Kv to head-dependent boundary conditions (drain, river, etc.) in an earlier version. When importing older models, the Kv was being set to zero.
- There was a problem in some cases with color-flooding in cross-section view.
- Pest template files were not recognizing ET zones after the first stress period
- Using BCs/Modify/Copy Stress Period command sometimes caused a memory error.
- The option to reset the Initial Head property when creating the MODFLOW dataset (where initial heads were read from external sources) was not working for MODFLOW2000 models


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