Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reservoir Package in Groundwater Vistas

The Reservoir Package (RES) is an old one for MODFLOW but we never supported it because it did not seem to get much use. However, we have seen a couple of models lately that use it so we just finished putting the RES package in Vistas. You can get the update (5.30 build 2) from our web site at and click Clients.

Reservoirs are special versions of Lakes in Vistas. So you add them by using BCs/Lake. You'll see a check-box on the dialog that says this is a reservoir. Then some fields will be grayed out and others will have different labels according to what the RES package needs as opposed to the lake package. RES package is turned on and cell-by-cell flow unit number set under model/modflow/more packages. The few options are set using model/modflow2000/options - Lake3/RES tab.


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