Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ZoneBudget with Groundwater Vistas

You can use zonebudget from the usgs with Groundwater Vistas. Make sure to get the very latest one ( Easiest thing to do is after unzipping, copy the file zonbud.exe to the gwv5 directory. To run it, open a console window in the working directory (find the working directory in Windows Explorer, right-click, and choose "open console here".) Then type zonbud and hit enter. One thing it will ask for is a zone file. To get that, in Groundwater Vistas 5.30 Build 2 and later, use Props/Hydrostratigraphy and then Props/Export/Zone numbers. Remove the first check so that all layers are exported and then check the last item to save in zonebudget format. That is the file that zonebudget will eventually prompt for. Also, you'll need to save all cell-by-cell flows to the same unit number so they are all in one file if you want all components of the budget in one run.


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