Tuesday, September 09, 2008

GV 5.22 Build 4

There have been a few changes lately to end the summer, mostly enhancements:

- We added a quick animation feature to Vistas. Use File/Export Animation. GV will automatically import each time step, starting with the first one and refresh the screen, capture what is there, and export to a bitmap file. Then it will mash them together into a video. If your model is big and/or you have lots of time steps, this may take a while so be patient.

- You can display flooded cells (where water table is above top of layer 1), but sometimes it is handy to figure out how flooded they are. There is a new option under plot/what to display where you can plot only those cells that have at least a certain height of water above the top of layer 1.

- When importing existing models, you are often left with transmissivity and storage in the property databases for confined layers. In many cases, though, it would be handy to have these values listed as K and specific storage (Ss). There is a new option under Props/Property Values/Math Functions where you can divide by layer thickness. Note that this works on all layers if you use that option, and does not discriminate between confined and unconfined layers.

- Modified shapefile export for head-dependent BCs (GHB, river, drain, stream) to export the full conductance and all components of the conductance term. In addition, stream exports now include tributary segments, diversion segment, and reach numbers. On import, you can also now import tributary segment numbers and diversion segment number.

- Lake BC cells were not being split in the same manner as other BCs when adding rows or columns. This was corrected.


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