Friday, May 02, 2008

MF2K5 V 1.05.00 in GV

I just uploaded Groundwater Vistas Version 5.17 Build 4. This version supports the new version of MODFLOW2005 Version 1.05.00 released earlier this week. If you are using the UZF Package, you will see one new variable called SURFDEP which is the average undulation depth at land surface and effects recharge. The default value is GV is 0.0. There is also a new option to apply recharge directly to the water table. I do not have support for that option in Vistas yet so if you need it let me know.

There is also a new variable in the PCG2 solver that allows a separate damping factor for transient stress periods when a run contains both steady and transient stress periods. I do not yet have that hooked up either.

Another addition to Vistas is post-processing for Null Space Monte Carlo runs. Testing has gone very well for this new Pest procedure. It is truly amazing what it can do. Kudos to John Doherty for yet another significant contribution to our science.


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