Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Null Space Monte Carlo - Almost There!

The latest version of Groundwater Vistas (5.17 Build 2) now has the Null Space Monte Carlo for PEST Version 11.5 hooked up. If you have the advanced version, you will see it light up now on the Pest menu. I must caution you that it has not been fully tested yet. I am working on that today so there will likely be additional updates by tomorrow as I break and fix things. I am preparing a tutorial on it for my upcoming course in late May. Hopefully everything will work.

I also fixed a couple of bugs related to importing existing models. The first was that GV was not importing the GMG package input file. The second involved not properly recording the layer type codes when importing the HUF package. There was also an odd problem with importing arrays from older vesions of GMS.


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