Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recent GV Modifications

Here are some enhancements and bug fixes for GV Version 5.16 Builds 2 through 6:

- We continue to work on the Pest Null Space Monte Carlo procedures. We hope to have this finished by the time our Advanced Seminar takes place in May.

- We added a new customized telescopic mesh refinement procedure for the Southwest Florida Water Management District. It is called Mine TMR and was designed to analyze the impacts from shallow phosphate mines in Florida. You'll see it under the Grid/Export menu. If you work in Florida and want to use it, contact Robert Peterson at SWFWMD.

- If you used the transient copy for recharge and you had the option selected to save recharge concentrations for all components, only component 1 concentration actually got copied.

- When you run PEST, GV creates a batch file called pestgv.bat that actually runs the model and all necessary pre- and post-processors. If you are using MODFLOW-SURFACT Version 3, depending on the date you purchased it, it might not work with the command line GV writes in the pestgv.bat file. This has been fixed.

- When importing SFR input files under BCs/Import/MODFLOW Package, the SFR unit number got set to zero.

- If the CHD head was equal to the layer bottom, GV was not catching the problem and MODFLOW would quit running with a dry constant head error.

- GV now writes a validation.log file to the gwv5 directory. This is for diagnosing problems with security codes. It is analogous to the hardlock.log file that helps diagnose dongle problems.


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