Thursday, January 10, 2008

GV 5.10 Builds 2 and 3

Here are a few minor fixes and additions to Groundwater Vistas:

- If you select Props/HSU Options and choose the option to use HSU's (hydrostratigraphic units using Hydrostratigraphy zone numbers) for calibration, then when you get target statistics (Plot/Calibration/Stats) instead of using layer numbers, you use HSU numbers. However, a message warning you about this kicked you back the the main menu so that you never got to see the statistics.

- On the View menu is an option called "automatic refresh". Normally this is on but you can turn it off if you are doing a lot of editing and the screen refresh rate is slow. We now tie this to deleting boundary conditions. Normally GV will draw over the BCs you delete so you can see the progress. In order to speed things up a bit, you can turn off auto refresh and the redrawing of BC cells will not happen until after everything is deleted.

- Targpest utility (used with PEST) was not working when you had flux targets for stream flow and you are using the SFR Package.

- Added a new option on the AE\Modify\Target menu to offset transient head targets. The idea is that for transient calibration you should match change in head rather than the absolute elevation of head at the target. However, if your transient head data do not start at or near the beginning of the simulation period, it is difficult to do this. So if your first head value is off during the calibration, automated methods will focus more on trying to get the heads up or down overall rather than looking at how heads are changing with time. The offset command shifts all head data for transient head targets (with more than 2 measurements) up or down so that the first point matches the current computed head. Now some of you may think this is cheating but it is a valid way of trying to match changes rather than elevations. If you don't agree with this function, just don't use it!


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