Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays & Vistas 5.09 Builds 16 to 17

As you can see, not as many changes over the holidays...

- We added a new import for the Lake Package. This is for a delimited text file containing columns of data under Model/MODFLOW2000/Import Lake Transient Data. The file contains transient data for a single lake. The columns in the file must contain a stress period number and at least one of the following: precipitation, evaporation, withdrawal, runoff. You must also have Vistas set up to use the Lake spreadsheets for data entry. See Model/MODFLOW2000/Options - Lake3 tab.

- A bug was found where Vistas was not generating a proper Pest control file when estimating leakance in zones. This was probably broken during changes made for pilot points and since this type of estimation is rare, it was just recently caught.

- A change was made to allow constant concentration cells with zero concentration value for MODFLOW-SURFACT. Before this change, constant concentration cells with concentration specified at zero were ignored.


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