Monday, February 11, 2008

GV 5.11 Build 3 and other news

There are two modifications in GV 5.11 Build 3 released over the weekend:

- We added row and column locations to the analytic well text file export
- When importing a point shapefile for streams, the bottom elevation field was not being activated.

I also received an email last week from Arlen Harbaugh that the USGS intends to put the DDREFERENCE flag in the MODFLOW2005 output control file in the next release (1.5.00 in about a month). This is an obscure but useful feature in MODFLOW2000 that allows drawdown to be computed from the results of any particular time step. When the DDREFERENCE keyword is placed in the output control file (word version only), drawdowns from that point forward are computed based on the results of that time step. Unfortunately it was omitted from MODFLOW2005.

To use this feature in Groundwater Vistas, you select Model/MODFLOW/Package Options - Output Control tab and turn on the use of customized output control, also entering the number of time steps where you would like to save information. Then select Model/MODFLOW/Custom Output Control. There is a column in the spreadsheet for the DDREFERENCE flag (enter 1 to turn it on for a particular time step).

While on this topic, note that MODFLOW-SURFACT Version 3 now also has this flag. We requested that it be added to SURFACT and HGL was kind enough to make that change. At our request, they also added the ability to have steadystate and transient stress periods in the same simulation.


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