Thursday, January 31, 2008

Support for SFR2 and other news

In Version 5.11 Build 2, we added support for the unsaturated zone flow part of the new SFR2 (Surface Flow Routing 2) in MODFLOW2000 and MODFLOW2005. This feature allows water that infiltrates through the stream bed into the aquifer to be lagged by its flow through the unsaturated zone (where the stream has become disconnected from the water table). You will need four new unsaturated flow parameters on the Stream Boundary Condition dialog in Vistas and there are some new options on Model/MODFLOW2000/Options - SFR tab. By default Vistas will generate SFR1 format files. You must use the SFR tab under MODFLOW2000 options to activate the new SFR2 unsaturated flow conditions.

We also added a new option to post the target value (e.g. head) at the target location instead of residual. This new option is found under Plot/Calibration/Options.

A few bugs have been fixed from V5.10 Build 6 through V5.11 Build 2:
- There was an error in counting CHD cells in TMR models where cells go dry over time at the boundary of the domain. You would know it if you had this problem because the run stops at that point.
- Importing an existing FWL4 input file from MODFLOW-SURFACT into Vistas did not work properly if there were multiple wells in the same cell in the same stress period. Duplicate wells were ignored so pumping was underestimated.


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