Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GV Version 5.12 Build 1

There are three new features added to Groundwater Vistas since Version 5.11 Build 3. Two of these features were requested by one of our users. I point this out because many of you may not realize that you have the power to help shape Groundwater Vistas. If you have an idea for a new option or feature (or modifications to existing tools), just email them to us, along with a clear explanation of what you need. If we agree that the new feature makes sense, then we will add it, often very quickly.

So, here are the new features:

- You can now modify analytic well flow rates for groups of wells automatically using AE/Modify/Well/Flow Rates

- You can have GV set the top of layer 1 in the MODFLOW2000/2005 Discretization Package (DIS) to be the starting heads in layer 1. This can be very handy if you have an unstable model where layer 1 is unconfined but is having dry cell problems. Using this option, you can make all layers confined, thereby making the model stable. Because the water table is the top of layer 1, the transmissivity is then approximately correct. Note that this only applies to MODFLOW2000 and MODFLOW2005. Note also that this option does not carry over to the ET surface or other packages which have the top of layer 1 defined in their own input file.

- The final option goes along with the previous one. There is a new option on the Model/MODFLOW/Package Options - Initial Heads tab, which sets the starting head in dry cells to be a specified height above the layer bottom in that cell. This means that the saturated thickness of all layers will be positive.


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