Monday, April 21, 2008

New Stuff in Version 5.16 Build 10 to Build 16

It's been a busy 2 weeks but I have a free minute now to update you on the latest changes in Groundwater Vistas. These are all enhancements (no bugs to report):

- On Model/Pest/Parameters we added several new buttons to make it easier to set up parameters. There is an automated parameter setup, a button to clear all parameters so you can start over, and a button to make all parameters use log transform. For models with lots of parameters, these buttons make it much less tedious to enter all data in the spreadsheet.

- Added the SUPCALC utility to the Model/Pest/SVD Assist menu. This program computes the recommended minimum and maximum number of super parameters when using SVDAPREP.

- Added a restart option on the Pest menu. If you stop a Pest run, this command restarts it either from the last full iteration or from the last model run.

- Added a restart and stop option on the SVD Assist menu for this style of Pest run.

- We have had a few problems with people typing in the path to the working directory under Model/Paths to Models. Some users have entered a trailing "\" character which then causes problems in writing files and running some programs. GV will now look for this and delete it if it is found.

- We added an option under BCs/Delete/Reach that asks if you want to delete the reach in all layers. Before it would only delete in the current layer.

- When importing stream boundary conditions from a text file, we did not have the option to read inflow rates and tributary numbers. You can now import inflow rates and up to 3 tributaries.

You will notice a significant number of changes related to Pest in the coming months, particularly on the SVD Assist and the Null Space Monte Carlo menus. The latter is not yet fit for human consumption but should be working by late May. I plan on covering this topic in my next seminar in Tampa. Those two aspects of Pest are extraordinary and set Pest apart from any other inverse model.


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