Friday, June 27, 2008

Long Time, No Post

It has been a while since I last posted a message here - busy 6 weeks. Here are the latest changes to Groundwater Vistas up through Version 5.19 Build 5:

- There is now a function to update Telescopic Mesh Refinement (TMR) models. Until recently once you created the TMR model, there was no link back to the regional model. A function was added (Grid/Export/Update TMR). This is a 3-step procedure. First use this function to export a file from the TMR model. Next, go into the regional model and use that same function (changing the option at the top of the dialog) to import the TMR dat and export a file that will update the TMR model. Finally, in the TMR model use the function again to import that information from the parent model. The function will update wells, constant head, GHBs, Kx, Kz, S, Ss, Recharge, and Initial Heads.

- Custom contour levels were not working in the cross-section view.

- Modified the observation well export (File/Export - obs well data file type) so that multi-layer wells export the weighted average values.

- Added a decision (or logical) variable to the Matrix Calculator. So, for example, if you want to compute transmissivity but only in cells with a minimum saturated thickness, there is a flag now that will allow you to do that.

- Modified "Fix Layer Overlap" function to also fix layers where the thickness is less than a minimum value the user selects.

- There were some problems with external ET files when no-flow cells contained a very large negative value (e.g. -9999).

- Added stream BCs to the text file export function

- There were some bugs found in importing an existing UZF Package input file.


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