Monday, May 05, 2008

Note to Self - USGS Documents have Version Numbers

I noted in a previous post that SFR2 (Streamflow-Routing with unsaturated flow beneath streams) is now supported in Groundwater Vistas. I did not realize at the time that I was working from the original SFR2 manual and it had changed subsequently. Many thanks to Dave Prudic for helping me figure this out. Turns out that USGS publications are not necessarily static - they have version numbering (or at least the capability for version numbering). The current SFR2 manual is called Version 1.10, April 2006.

Anyway, I noticed that something was wrong when trying to import an existing SFR2 input file into Groundwater Vistas and the format did not match the manual I was working from. This problem would also affect files created by Groundwater Vistas for SFR2 (SFR1 would not be affected and this is the default setting in GV). However, the created files would not run so if your model was affected by this problem you would know it.

Version 5.17 Build 5 fixes this problem in SFR2.


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