Saturday, September 27, 2008

Analytic Elements & Python

It's not often I get to attend a seminar as a participant but I had that chance last week at a seminar taught by Mark Bakker ( and sponsored by SS Papadopulos & Associates ( The topic was the analytic element method and programming in Python. Excellent seminar - highly recommended.

I now understand the hype around Python. It really is a powerful tool and easy to learn (especially if you know a little C or C++). Mark has written his TimML (multi-layer analytic element model) in Python, although the focus of the seminar is writing your own simpler analytic element models. Once you do that, though, TimML is easy to use since the concepts follow from the simpler models.

Look for TimML integration into Groundwater Vistas in the near future! It's multi-layer structure really lends itself to a MODFLOW-style environment.


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