Friday, December 12, 2008

New Features in GV5.30 Build 2

It's been a while since I posted the changes made to Groundwater Vistas. Here is a summary of changes since V5.26 Build 2:

- The matrix calculator now has the ability to limit calculations to a range of HSU zone numbers

- The HUF Package will now save heads and flows for HUF layers to files compatible with GV. To import these results, however, you need a version of your model with the number of layers equal to the number of HUF layers. (See previous post on use of HUF in GV)

- Time can now be displayed in titles (AE/Title) using the code #1# (number one between#). When GV sees this in a title, it takes the simulation time you have imported for contouring multiplies by a factor and adds to a base value. The base and multiplier are set under model/notes/model description

- The HUF Package has been hooked up to Pest. Each HUF layer is treated as one parameter so the all K values in the layer are scaled proportionately. When using HUF and PEST, the Kx and Kz parameters in the parameter spreadsheet are set with the zone number equal to the HUF layer number.

- Added Reservoir Package (RES) - see prior post on this issue.

There were also a few bugs fixed:

- Line boundaries were not hooked up to the SSM package in MT3D
- Still a few issues with generating SFR2 input files due to ambiguity in SFR manual
- MF2005 requires first line of BCF to be read list-directed contrary to the manual
- There was a problem with color-flooded user variables if they were not also the contour variable
- Using AE/Modify/Pilot Points/Reset from Database did not work on recharge and storage points
- Exporting walls (HFBs) to shapefile did not work when the model was rotated.
- Continuing memory problems with MODFLOW2005. We fixed a few more issues but there are still likely many remaining. If you have problems, send us your model. Note this is an issue with the original USGS code and not with Groundwater Vistas.


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