Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Groundwater Vistas & Pest Webinar

The next model calibration Webinar will held from November 8 through 19. This Webinar is focused on using Groundwater Vistas and PEST to calibrate groundwater flow and transport models. You can get additional information at our web site (www.groundwatermodels.com - click the Webinar button).

Two new topics will be covered in the November webinar. The first is a detailed discussion BeoPest, the newest version of Pest. BeoPest replaces Parallel Pest and allows users to connect computers in different locations, including cloud servers. We recently tested BeoPest by using computers in the USA and Australia on the same Pest run. As part of the BeoPest lecture, we will also cover the use of GoGrid cloud servers in Pest simulations.

The second new feature is a guest lecture by John Doherty, the author of Pest. John will discuss the latest developments in the Pest technology and share his thoughts on the philosophy of model calibration and uncertainty analysis.


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