Thursday, October 07, 2010

Latest Groundwater Vistas Changes

The last few months got away from me. It's been a long time since I posted to my blog so I'll start getting caught up by listing the changes to Groundwater Vistas Version 5 since my last post.


Additional options under ae|modify|well|flow rates
Added option to animate particle movement (File|Export Animation)
Added seawat2000 drain option
Made transient hsu report
Additional particle export options
Added RMS error to calibration stats.
Mass Balance hydrograph on current hsu can graph contributions from adjacent hsu's
Recharge multiplier by hsu zone range
Export mnw/fwl stuff to well shapefile
Turn on/off well names based on being selected
Import segmented et data
Export dry/flooded cells when exporting cell/nodal results
Add x,y to dry and flooded cell reports
Support fwl5 package in mass balance
New "add" option on props|import|matrix (add imported matrix to current property)
Option to not write out data from Stress Periods with zero rates in AE wells export
Dry cell report now lists dry wells
Added IBS to mass balance (addition to storage term)
Support for Leapfrom Hydro 3D Geologic modeling
Added support for Surfact TMP1 package (change Kx, Kz, Ss, Sy with time)
Added automatic renumbering of pilot points
Added prior info to mf2k pes package
Added plot|file operations|mean-stddev to compute mean of a range of stress periods

Bugs Fixed

Needed to add KMAKR to pestgv.bat file for "krige by layer"
Fill in gaps pilot point routine did not work with multiple layers.
Plot|Next time step was not working with surfact mixed steady and transient periods
Lake conductance for LPF changed in concept, with support for legacy models
Cross-section color flood problems fixed
Problem identified in mt3d with 1000 rows
Problem estimating ET extinction depth with pest when ET rate is constant
Polyline transient problems fixed
Seawat/mt3d unit numbers (added 200) due to conflict with pilotpoints
Do not put targets/wells in dxf export if not drawn on the screen
Transient target missing last time value in shapefile import
If nlay is exactly 200, laycon array has one extra line in it
Bug in exporting transient streams to ascii file
Bug in writing kz.tpl for surfact when estimating kz & writing kz to bcf package
GWM testing complete with several bugs fixed
Bcs|import|text not whiting out duplicates in same cell
Polyline was not saving bottom layer number
Fixed some problems importing pcn file from surfact
Gw3d had problems with ato package in Surfact


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