Thursday, November 11, 2010

Groundwater Vistas 5.48 Build 2 Update

Here are the latest changes to Groundwater Vistas between 5.47 Build 9 and the current one which is 5.49 build 2:

- Added the rclose variable to the PCG4 solver input for MODFLOW-Surfact

- Flow Direction calibration targets are now functional (note that the angle for flow direction targets is the mathematical angle where zero is East, 90 if North, etc.). These work both in Groundwater Vistas and in Pest.

- Added a range in reach numbers for use in endpoint analysis (previously only a single reach number could be entered for the purposes of endpoint analysis)

- The "no transport" option was added for use in SEAWAT2000. With this option only the density or concentration is specified for each cell. SEAWAT2000 will then use this density as a given and not run any transport simulations with MT3D.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes:
- The gage package was not being written for MODFLOW-Surfact

- Changed the format of values in the TMP1 Package to exponential

- Simplified Boundary Condition editing was not changing transient values of Kv

- In the RSF4 Package, the IRCH array was being written out of order (note there are errors in the Surfact manual about this)

- Velocity vectors in cross-section could potentially be displayed with the wrong color indicating upward flow with the downward color (and vice-versa)

- A memory error was discovered when exporting the HSU report for mass balance. (It seemed to only happen in Windows XP).


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