Monday, March 01, 2010

Groundwater Vistas & Pest 12

We recently updated Groundwater Vistas to work with the latest version of PEST (version 12.0). When you install the update for GV Version 5.40 build 5, it installs the latest Pest software (only the parts that Vistas uses). We have tested the interactions between Pest and GV over a wide range of options. However, if you encounter a problem, please bring it to our attention. For more information on Pest 12, go to the new PEST web site at

Also added in this new version of Vistas:
- The export of a text file matrix from the matrix editor puts all columns of data on one line.
- There is a new option to export Boundary Condition wells in Analytic Well format to facilitate moving wells from one type to the other.
- There are new options for posting of data at calibration targets. These include the mean residual, maximum residual, RMS error, sum of errors, and sum of absolute errors. These are intended for transient targets with lots of data. The values also control the size/color of the residual circles. You can select these options under Plot/Calibration/Options.
- Flooded cells added to the legend
- Transpose and Transpose Window commands now have an option to operate on all stress periods for Recharge and ET.

Bugs fixed:
- Telescopic Mesh Refinement (TMR) did not work correctly with MODFLOW-Surfact variably saturated runs.
- Modified the output of Kx pilot points to the Pest control file to use exponential format when the values are small.
- Various problems encountered with the new "krige by zone" option in PEST.
- Some problems occurred if you were using the LPF package for flow but had the "compute leakance" flag off. Obviously this flag should not affect LPF, but there were some problems related to Pest if it was not checked.