Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quarterly Webinar

I posted the recording from the June webinar that discussed the status of Groundwater Vistas and a brief summary of the MODFLOW conference.  Go to to download it from the main page.  Based on the good feedback I've been getting from participants, I'm going to expand these free webinars to include a monthly series on various short topics and guest lectures.  I am planning a late July session on migrating from MODFLOW96 to MODFLOW2000/2005.  I mentioned this briefly in the last webinar and received a lot of interest in such a topic.  Look for more information after the July 4th holiday.

Friday, June 03, 2011


The USGS released a minor update to MODFLOW-NWT (Version 1.0.1) this week that fixes a problem with the HFB Package and some issues with releasing memory after the run.  We have updated our version as well and Groundwater Vistas Version 6.04 Build 8 has this new update.  You can download it from our web site.