Monday, January 31, 2011

MODFLOW2000 moved to Legacy Status

The USGS recently moved MODFLOW2000 to it's "Legacy and Superseded" software area to keep MODFLOW88 and MODFLOW96 company. This apparently means that MODFLOW2000 will not be updated in the future and will be finished at version 1.19.01. I am not 100% convinced that MODFLOW2005 is totally ready for prime time but we'll see. We will be switching to the same compiler the USGS uses for MODFLOW2005 when we come out with GV Version 6 so that should help.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Webinar Dates in 2011

I have posted new dates for our 3 webinars in 2011. These include:

Introduction to Groundwater Modeling with Groundwater Vistas:
March 14 through 25

Getting the Most Out of Groundwater Vistas:
April 4 through 8

Modeling Calibration with PEST and Groundwater Vistas:
May 2 through 13

You can find out more information about these Webinars at and click the Webinars button.

Happy New Year!